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Maths with Twigs

Finding sticks to make simple numbers

Create the numbers from 1-9 with sticks.

Is it possible to make number 1 with just 1 stick, number 2 with 2 sticks, number 3 with 3 sticks.

learning about acute and obtuse angles, mark each number with the angles used, red for acute, green for obtuse and blue for right angles.

Twig Towers

Environmental artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Chris Drury use natural woodland materials to build and create 3D art and sculpture in the woods.

Why not build your own twig tower sculpture under a tree…?

Gather some twigs, ready to create your twig tower. It could have a square base, a triangular base or be of your own design.

The best place to build the tower would be beneath a tree as you can try to build the tower up to the lower branches.

If there’s a very low branch then you could build around it so that the branch becomes part of your sculpture.

You could also use a tree trunk as support.

Waiting to meet you

There is a special tree in every woodland just waiting to meet you!

Find a thin stick and some wet mud. Use the stick to trace with mud the 2, 3 or 4 main lines on your palm (alternatively use a pen to mark these lines clearly).

Look carefully at this pattern, for the special tree you need to find will have this pattern too.

Look for it in the big branches, in the tiny twigs or in the bark. Some of you may have further to explore than others but your tree will be there, waiting.

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 17.15.44