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Nest Challenge

nest nest2

Spring is the time for many birds to build a nest, ready for egg laying and bringing up their hatched chicks.

Can you build a nest that could hold a clutch of eggs, and withstand the wind? Look for materials on the woodland floor that you could use – for example dried grasses, twigs, sticks, and lichen. Now find a low fork in a tree and build your nest.

If you want to give yourself an extra challenge, try using just one hand – the bird only has its beak after all! If there are two of you, you could use one hand each and work together.

When you have finished, look for several small stones, cones or other objects that could be your eggs. Place them in your nest to see if it will hold them.

Then, with your eggs still in the nest give the branch a little shake to see if your nest would stand up to the wind!