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Texture Trail

Take your class or a small group on a walk in the playground or in a nature area. Ask them to feel and touch things around them.

How many textures can you touch?

  • Soggy decomposing leaves
  • Lacy skeleton leaves
  • Silky flower petals
  • Tickly lichen
  • Flexible grasses
  • Rough tree roots
  • Furry moss
  • Rigid bark
  • Brittle twigs
  • Prickly pine needles
  • Smooth flower buds
  • Crumbly rotten wood
  • Waxy evergreen leaves
  • Gritty soil from a mole hill
  • Sticky horse chestnut buds

Hidden Faces


Now that the leaves have fallen off our deciduous trees, their once hidden faces are easier to spot.

As you walk look for some faces in the trees.

A tree may have only one eye showing as it mischievously winks at you, it may have both eyes open wide, or you may only spot the nose and mouth of a sleeping tree.

You may be able to tell how the tree is feeling – the signs are there!