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6 Week programme for forest school

Making Games

Main Learning outcomes  :-

Children to make games from natural resources to share and play with others. Each week they will learn different skills needed for the games.

Learning outcomes:-

  • I am learning to work collaboratively to produce a final product.
  • I am learning to whittle a stick.
  • I am learning to be more aware of my environment and how it can be useful.
  • I am learning the different parts of the flower and properties of leaves.
  • I am learning about releasing natural dyes from plants.
  • I am learning what is needed to light a fire.
  • I am learning to make charcoal.
  • I am learning to make a pencil and paint brush

Week 1:-

  • Introduce children to 3 games,  Pick up stick, colour dominos and Uno.
  • Discus how to make the games using natural resources in the forest area.
  • Collect sticks and split into 2 groups, ask the children to make rules for their games. Whittle sticks.

Week 2;-

Look at how many colours are needed to finish the game and paint sticks.

Make a natural paint pallet from collected items.

Talk about vegetable dyes and plant dyes


Week 3:-

  • Happa Kappa Dyes.Hammering plants. Cherokee women used this method to decorate fabric for clothes.
  • Exploding flowers dissect a flower into its different parts and name each part.

Week 4:-

  • Make Charcoal for pencils by using whittling skills learnt in week 1.
  • Light a fire

Week 5:-

  • Finish making pencils with charcoal from previous week.
  • Show children how to make a paint brush from natural materials.
  • Finish any over run activities.
  • Ask children to come up with ideas for their own games

Week 6:-

  • Light a fire and have hot chocolate and popcorn.
  • Play the games with a group of reception children to test rules and suitability .
  • Discuss what could have been done differently to improve or add to the end result.