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Year 5’s Amazing Mosaics


These 4 circular panels have been a collaboration with year 5 pupils in Art and Outdoor learning.
We made close observations of flower heads and created clay relief tiles, which were painted and glazed so they could go outside.
The children’s handmade tiles were mixed with glass square tiles to make these beautiful panels to brighten up our entrance corridor outside.

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Natural Portraits


Natural materials don’t inhibit those children who would otherwise protest ‘but I can’t draw!’

  • Gather the group together. Discuss what portraits are, and then say that they are going to make self portraits – but the only problem is – you have forgotten pens, paper and paintbrushes. What can you do? The children will probably leap to suggest they can use the natural materials around them!
  • Let the children decide if they want to design individually or in twos or small groups. This will vary with age and confidence.
  • Talk about the features of a face they may need to include – ears, eyes, nose, hair etc and encourage or suggest some useful materials like fluffy seeds for eyebrows for example.
  • Set some environmentally aware ground rules in terms of parts of plants to collect/ leave alone. Otherwise agree only to collect plentiful loose materials such as fallen leaves/grasses.
  • Talk about framing their portraits – what could they use? Sticks or twigs for example, of equal lengths.
  • Discuss contrasting backgrounds – so the image is clear rather than blending in with the background – and how they may chose the backdrop to display the image.
  • Let them spend time gathering materials and making self portraits. Are the faces happy or sad?
  • Alternatively, they could design portraits of other beings – monsters/ wood spirits – let them decide the theme.

Hidden Faces


Now that the leaves have fallen off our deciduous trees, their once hidden faces are easier to spot.

As you walk look for some faces in the trees.

A tree may have only one eye showing as it mischievously winks at you, it may have both eyes open wide, or you may only spot the nose and mouth of a sleeping tree.

You may be able to tell how the tree is feeling – the signs are there!