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Ideas for nature, forest, and outdoor based learning.

Team Building

Torrential rain and high winds didn’t spoil the last forest school session of this half term. We split into 4 teams, the 1st used the kelly kettle to boil water for hot chocolate, they set up the cups in the hide and ensured the camp fire stayed alight to keep us all warm. The other 3 groups took part in the final team building exercise, ‘walking the plank’  The team challenge was to move from the large fire circle to the hide without stepping off the planks. Great communication and co-operation enabled all the teams to successfully complete the task. The prize, to dunk their biscuits in the hot chocolate instead of getting them soggy in the rain.

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Making Bird Feeders

All you need are some toilet paper tubes, peanut butter and bird seed. You can either spread peanut butter over the cardboard tube and roll it in the birdseed, or mix the peanut butter with the bird seed and fill the tube. You can then slip it onto a tree branch or hang it off a branch with string.

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What to do with a collection of Leaves, Sticks, Berries and other Treasures