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Weekly art club held at CCB.

What to do with a collection of Leaves, Sticks, Berries and other Treasures


Cyanotype Print Making

Cyanotype printing, also known as sun printing, is a technique which was discovered in 1842 by scientist Sir John Herschel. At the time, it was used primarily to reproduce engineering and architectural drawings. When the botanist Anna Atkins learned of the process, she used it to document plant life from her collection, and is credited with bringing the process to the world of photography.

The process is fairly simple. Chemically treated surfaces like paper and fabric are exposed to sunlight, a chemical reaction takes place, and you’re left with fascinating silhouettes on beautiful blue backgrounds. While this normally requires mixing chemicals, pre-treated papers are available, making it easy and safe to involve children.

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Comment and Thoughts Tree

The outdoor structures club have been getting involved with the Herne Hill project. Inspired by the amazing structure on south bank, they have created a comment and thoughts tree by wrapping material soaked in glue around plastic pipes and tubing. The trunk has been set in concrete and decorated with pebbles painted by the reception children.

The tree will be at the Herne Hill Railway Tunnel from Sunday 9th of June.