Flower and Leaf Dyes

Team HL have been learning a fun and simple technique to extract the natural dyes from flowers and leaves, preserving their vibrant colours.   Cherokee women used this method to decorate fabric for clothes.

With not much more than a hammer and some leaves, reception made beautiful prints on fabric to decorate their classroom.

Who knew that venting your frustrations could have such beautiful results?

1 thought on “Flower and Leaf Dyes

  1. lsimms1976

    Dear Jules

    Sorry it’s taken this long to send you the photographs of the nursery class worms. We used the same concept for our maths open day and made caterpillars with a repeating pattern linked our story focus the very hungry caterpillar & maths focus was pattern, the children would use two colours to make a repeating pattern, more able children could work with three colours. It was a very popular activity.




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