Mixing Technology and Outdoor learning

Year 2 were lucky enough to take part in an exciting Digital Art project, led by Simon. They worked together to create a visual montage titled ‘Wandering in the Woods’.

We used Ipads to photograph our forest area, using a range of camera angles, close ups and low level shots producing some interesting images. We also experimented with thermal, xray, light tunnel and mirror effects with some incredible results.

Once we were happy with our images we moved back into the fire circle. Our next task, to close our eyes and listen carfully to the sounds around us. We took it in turns to describe the sounds,  ‘the whooshing wind’, ‘tweeting birds’ and ‘crunching leaves’. We also imagined what a laughing pixie would sound like if we were in a haunted forest!

Finally we moved back into class to start the sound and editing process.  We used our voices and a range of different materials we had collected such as leaves, branches and twigs. We crunched the leaves with our hands, shook the branches very quickly and trod carefully over the twigs to make a sharp snapping sound.  We added echo effects using Garageband to add a different dimention to our work.

All the images, video and sound recordings have been combined into a film montage about the frightening Wondering in the Woods. Please have a look at our video here:

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