Tree Climbing Tips from Yr1 & 4

Before you set off

Pick a fairly dry day – wet weather makes trees extra slippery. Wear sturdy footwear to help you grip the tree’s bark.  Long sleeves and trousers can help protect your arms and legs from scratches and scrapes.

Ensure you go with a friend or parent – they’re good for spotting footholds while you’re climbing up and down

Picking your tree

Choose a strong, healthy, mature tree.  Avoid any with dead or rotting wood, Oak, London Plane and beech trees are good choices.  Pick a tree with plenty of sturdy branches at regular intervals.

Start climbing

Before you start climbing, do a few stretches to warm up your muscles. Climb near the trunk – this is where the branches are strongest. Choose branches that are at least as thick as your arm, but try to test each branch before you put your full weight on it to make sure it will support you.

Getting down

What goes up must come down.  Climb down facing the trunk and make sure each foothold is secure before you let go with your hands.

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