Let your kids get dirty! Studies have shown that dirt is good for you.

Get the kids outside and let them get messy. It only takes a bit of soap and water for a happier, healthier, more rounded child.

Researchers now recommend playing in the dirt as a way to boost the body’s immune system, that digging in the dirt (and even ingesting a little bit of it) actually can help decrease a child’s risk of allergies. Dirt is also great for the immune system, especially in children. Playing in dirt reduces rates of asthma, eczema, and other diseases. It has also been linked to reducing the occurrence of attention disorders, depression (yes, in children), and obesity. Children who play outside laugh more, which means they’re happy!  it also means their blood pressure and stress levels are lower.

We could all probably stand for a little more mud and a lot more laughter in our lives! The advantages outweigh the detriment of getting muddy.

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