Recycler the rapping robot came to visit christchurch. He came to teach us all about the three Rs that help us look after our planet: reduce; reuse; recycle.  


Reception had been making recycled robots for his visit and Recycler took some time out from rapping to visit their classroom and meet some new robot friends. Needless to say, he was very impressed with the work and was also very pleased to see how much reducing, reusing and recycling we already do at ChristChurch!

Over the coming weeks we’ll be learning more about the three Rs, and how we can do our bit to make a difference and look after our planet.

Reception have followed up the visit from recycler by using the book ‘The Trouble with Dragons’ by Debi their text for the coming weeks. This story is about troublesome dragons who don’t care about the damage they do to our planet.

Reception are learning all about just how naughty those dragons are, what they are doing to the environment, and how just a few little changes could make a big difference.So far they have learnt about what happens to all the rubbish we – and those dragons – make. The rubbish takes up more and more room and makes smelly gases that pollute our clean air.

Don’t be a dragon! Make less rubbish!

How can you send less rubbish to the smelly rubbish dump?


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