Whole School Forest school and outdoor learning week

This week the whole school have been working on outside projects, the forest school, veggie garden, mud kitchen, roof garden and our new orchard.
Each year group had different ideas and activities they wanted to achieve throughout the week, some of which may turn into long term projects.

Reception and year 1 worked together to sort their raised beds ready for the planting season. They collected the large stones from the beds and decided to decorate each one to display in the garden. They washed and painted each stone, Some became ladybirds others bees and we had lots of precious jewels.
This was a great opportunity for sorting, counting, being creative and telling stories about their stones life.

Nursery came over for the afternoon, to join the fun in our forest area.

We made crowns from interesting leaves and twigs we had collected together.

We looked at different bugs through magnifying glasses and made models of them with clay and sticks.

We also had a go at the art of whittling with potato peelers

Year 2 also sorted their new raised bed ready for planting.  They also chose to create a mosaic with natural and man made products.

They worked in their Kagan groups, joining 4 wooden boards together.  They drew a circle on the boards and chose what pattern they would use for the line dividing the natural and man-made items.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Year 3  decided to take on a larger project, which will run through the term. They will be looking at solitary bees, constructing a bee house, planting suitable flowers for the bees and looking at life cycles. The bee house will be built in the roof garden, so that the children will be able to see what is happening on a daily basis from their classroom.

Year 4  visited Mellow Farm in Hampshire this week, to learn all about farming, and the effects it has on the environment.  We will be continuing the project over the next term, as we renovate a chicken coop and get ready to welcome 4 chickens to our christchurch family.

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